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September Mourn

A little more than 20 years ago, I was away from home for the first time, participating in the Disney College Program. My roommates and I witnessed planes crashing into our nation's sense of security. I immediately called my mom. It was eerily quiet and mournful on that day. Disney closed down and was reported as a possible next target. Lost and taken aback by the tragedy, I worked to express my emotions in a poem. I still feel it in my bones, the pain from being reminded again and again that some are willing to cause mass harm to push their agenda.

A Fine Day To Cry

- By Crystal Hampton Hines

Buildings come crashing down,

a silent September mourn.

Awaken to the somber sounds

of friends passing the news.

Twisting thoughts and morals seem

to be spinning us insane.

The scene like a waking dream,

a haunting darkness laying claim.

A fine day of national crying,

freedom falling from our tears.

Millions of questions form one word,


God give us the strength to live.

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