"Adobe Illustrator Draw - Practice"


I decided to use Adobe illustrator for my illustrations.  Until I purchase my drawing tablet, I wanted to get to know Illustrator. I will likely use the Illustrator Draw app and fine tune it on Illustrator itself. I will also use Sketchbook for sketching illustrations. Check out the sketch of Ruby Be's family on my Sketches page! 

"Main Characters Sketched"


I spent the last couple of days sketching facial emotions and the characters in my art style. I have finished sketching Ruby Be and her family. My next move is to sketch out each desired illustration. There are around 100 illustrations in all three books combined. 



Since I have so many issues with commas that I must have commacitis! I let my dearest ones read the drafts and they are teaching me better grammar health. Thanks to my fellow author, Lancelot Zehner (Check out his book: My Birdbrain Birdbath Bout! Thank you to my future collaborator, Sheri Spingola Schuh! I took notes for the future and quickly made changes to the book drafts. The editor starts working on them today!

Facial Emotions and Perspectives


Since I am done with the book drafts and am sending them to my editor, I have begun the process of drawing my characters! First, I'm sketching their faces, then their whole profile. Finally, I'll sketch out each page's illustration. My next goal is to start drawing each illustration, basted on the sketches! 

To draw the sketches, I'm following Scott McClure's book, Making Comics. His books are a good resource for artists and writers. It reminds me of the day in college where I was lucky to meet him and get signatures in the student union. 

"Counting Pages"


With the help of an online article called Picture Book Basics - Understanding Format, by John Shelley, I was able to decide on the amount of pages I want for each book! 

"On A Roll"


I got to spend more quality time with my mom on the phone. I read her the rough drafts for book two and three. She gave me insightful history to update, like making a scary part of one of the books a little milder. It was wonderful just to listen to her voice, and her animatedly tell me her past, just like when I would sit and listen to her stories as a child. Before we ended the call, she told me that "it looks like you're on a roll!" I appreciate her encouragement.

Keeping It Simple


I decided to delete an unimportant side story in one of the drafts. Children's books do not have complicated stories. I'll do my best to make them straightforward and easily understandable for families to enjoy. 

Mom's Approval


This morning, I read the first rough draft to mom, over the phone. She lives in Wisconsin, and I in New Hampshire. I'm thankful that she has allowed me to write about her childhood, and is willing to listen and help with the details of the rough drafts.

Hubby's Bedtime Stories


I need to read and re-read my rough drafts. What better way, than to read them as bedtime stories to my sweet and supportive husband! 

Rough Drafts Done


After talking to my mom for years, I have finally finished the rough drafts for three Ruby Be books. Relieved, but there's more work to be done! Luckily, I found someone I know to proofread my drafts! 


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